flowersandbranstark asked:

Hello, I used to go by the name of PotpieSenpai, and I sent you a message about commissions. You asked if I wanted to reserve a spot on your commissions list, and I would love to! I'm truly in love with you art, so if you are alright with me reserving a spot, that would be lovely! c:

Fantastic :). I’ll put you in the books, and let you know when they are officially open. 

Thanks again for your interest and enthusiasium! 

flowersandbranstark asked:

Are you taking commissions ? Your art is so lovely!

Thank you so much, thats such a nice thing to hear! I am getting ready to open my commission list back up at the start of October. I’ll be posting a bit more about prices and such then, but If you’re interested in reserving a spot on the list beforehand (its tends to fill up a bit quickly) shoot me a message and I’ll make a note of it :). 

Thanks again <3!